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Buying modern art and art prints for gifts and presents

Buying original modern art, paintings or Limited Edition Art Prints as a gift or present for other people is not always easy. However if you do find just the right modern art work the recipient will enjoy years of enjoyment and appreciation from your art gift. At Red Rag Art Gallery you will always find help and advice on modern art present buying. We offer the best of British and Irish original modern paintings, sculptures and limited edition art prints. Below are some gift ideas to help with your search for just the right art present:

Choosing and purchasing the right modern art gift involves thinking about a number of things, so before rushing out to the art galleries and buying art or paintings as a present or gift consider a few starter questions:

Which sort of art gift or present?

It is key to choose the right modern art present or gift for the right person. This is relatively easy if you know the person or have seen art pieces at their home. Think about the style of art or art prints they have already. Consider the sort of modern paintings and sculptures you have seen. Are they impressionistic or realistic? Does the recipient of the gift or present prefer particular types genres of paintings such as Landscape, Still Life, Portraits or Marine? Another thing to think about is do they have fondness for some colours in their current paintings and art prints?

It is much more challenging buying art gifts for people you do not know very well. If it is an art gift for a business colleague the style of the person may be very different to the art at their home. Unless the person is an enthusiastic modern art collector, the original art or Limited Edition art print present is going to need to fit in with their interior design and taste. So generally it is a sensible idea to discuss with someone else who knows the recipient what their art interests are before selecting an art gift.

The key thing is to understand and select a piece of modern art that the person will appreciate. Even when you know personal modern art tastes well, finding just the right art gift can be difficult. The art market is extensive and varies enormously, so it will pay to limit your art search to a manageable size.

What amount do you want to spend on an Art Gift or present?

Obviously the bigger your budget for modern art the greater the choice of present or gift. Your budget will probably be the deciding factor in what art gift you choose. For example: if you are looking for minimal expenditure on an art gift then a good start are Red Rag's Limited Edition art prints or Ceramic Sculptures. If your art budget is higher then Original Modern art and Bronze Sculptures would make a great art gifts. Remember always start by knowing how much you are prepared to spend on your art present.

Small art gift or large?

Once the budget and style of art has been decided, the next thing to consider what size modern art piece should you buy as a gift. You do not have to buy the biggest and most expensive when it comes to art presents. People generally appreciate a smaller piece of original art as a gift, that meets all of the previous requirements, just as much as a large art work. This is also true for Limited Edition art prints. It is much easier to find a suitable space for a small modern art work than a larger art piece.

If you are looking for a specific area in the recipients home you will need the measurements. All too often modern paintings and sculptures end up being stored rather than being enjoyed because there is not the room for them. Care should also be applied when thinking about the exact room where a modern painting and frame would be displayed when buying an art gift or present.


Art Gifts can be used for a variety of occasions such Birthdays, Christmas, Retirements, Business and Leaving presents. Choose subjects of interest to the recipient. Here are some ideas:

  • Anniversary Gifts and Presents ideas
  • Special places ' Architectural paintings
  • Birthday Gifts and Presents
  • Commission a Portrait painting
  • Retirement and Leaving Gifts and Presents
  • Boating' Marine paintings
  • Walking ' Landscape paintings
  • Food and Wine ' Still Life painting
  • Wedding Gifts and Presents ideas

You usually have the opportunity of finding out what the intended recipient appreciates in modern art. This can be done discreetly or directly, depending on how much of a surprise you want the gift of original art, Limited Edition art prints or Sculptures to be. It is always a good idea to establish what they want, rather than buy the wrong piece of modern art as a present.

Finally if you find the challenge of choosing the right piece of modern art a little too much and time consuming ' and if you want to be totally sure the recipient gets the right art gift then why not buy an Art Voucher from Red Rag Art Gallery. You simply decide how much you want to spend on your art present and the gallery provides an Art Gift Voucher which can be redeemed against payment for any modern art at the gallery or on our websites. For further details of Art Voucher scheme contact the gallery


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