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Contemporary Art and Paintings By Modern Contemporary Artists.

Christmas's Exhibition - opens 12 December 2020

Modern Art, Paintings and Limited Edition art prints from Red Rag Gallery

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Red Rag Modern Art Gallery has an International reputation for promoting the art works of leading British and Irish artists. The gallery shows an extensive collection of paintings and modern art prints from present day artists and all modern art from Red Rag is sourced from each artist studio guaranteeing authenticity and value for money.

Red Rag exhibits Modern art from a number of pre- eminent artists including: Amanda Hoskin, David Farren, Peter Heard, Vanessa Bowman, Tina Morgan, Austin Moseley, Charles Jamieson and Muriel Barclay. The gallery also supplies modern art in print form. Limited Edition Prints are available from from leading artists: David Inshaw, Michael Kidd and John Lines

Throughout the year at Red Rag Modern Art Gallery you are guaranteed to see outstanding examples of modern art, contemporary paintings and sculptures. The Gallery holds numerous Modern art events and there are always New Arrivals each week at the gallery. For further information please select Modern Art News or contact the gallery.

As the leading name for Modern Art and Modern Art Galleries Red Rag Gallery is open everyday showing established and young emerging Artists . The gallery opens from 10:00 daily

Those unable to visit the gallery can still see our modern art, contemporary paintings, sculpture and Limited Edition art prints online. And, buying Modern Art from Red Rag Art Gallery is simple. We sell and ship contemporary Modern Art worldwide. For further information :

CONTACT RED RAG on 01225 332223 or outside UK + 44 1225 332223


David BARNES, contemporary artist - Across to Snowdonia
Across to Snowdonia

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Autumn in the Lleyn
Autumn in the Lleyn

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Carneddau in Winter
Carneddau in Winter

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Gwynedd Winter
Gwynedd Winter

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Hillside Road
Hillside Road

David BARNES, contemporary artist - In the Lledr Valley
In the Lledr Valley

David BARNES, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Near Dolwyddelan
Near Dolwyddelan

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Near Waunfawr
Near Waunfawr

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Snowdonian Cottage
Snowdonian Cottage

David BARNES, contemporary artist - The Ogwen Falls
The Ogwen Falls

David BARNES, contemporary artist - The Old Scottish Croft
The Old Scottish Croft

Vanessa BOWMAN

Vanessa BOWMAN, contemporary artist - Back to the Village
Back to the Village

Vanessa BOWMAN, contemporary artist - Barn Owl and Snowy Hillside
Barn Owl and Snowy Hillside

Vanessa BOWMAN, contemporary artist - Christmas Roses and Tangerines
Christmas Roses and Tangerines

Vanessa BOWMAN, contemporary artist - Feeding the Hens
Feeding the Hens

Vanessa BOWMAN, contemporary artist - White Cyclamen in Antique Cup
White Cyclamen in Antique Cup


Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Baigneuse

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Flotilla

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Red Sea Blues
Red Sea Blues

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Walking on the Moon
Walking on the Moon


David GLEESON, contemporary artist - All Sorts
All Sorts

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Blue Fish and Clementines
Blue Fish and Clementines

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Glass, Cherries
Glass, Cherries

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Lemon Sunrise
Lemon Sunrise

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Life, Still
Life, Still

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Redcurrant Teaspoon
Redcurrant Teaspoon

David GLEESON, contemporary artist - Sunflowers


Bryan HANLON, contemporary artist - Fishing Floats and Fishing Boats II
Fishing Floats and Fishing Boats II

Bryan HANLON, contemporary artist - Five Snowdrops and Currants
Five Snowdrops and Currants

Bryan HANLON, contemporary artist - Jelly Mould and Quail's Egg
Jelly Mould and Quail's Egg

Bryan HANLON, contemporary artist - Snowdrops and Redcurrants
Snowdrops and Redcurrants


Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Chicken in the Snow
Chicken in the Snow

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Dashing through the Snow
Dashing through the Snow

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> First Snow
First Snow

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - First Snow
First Snow

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - Passengers

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - The First Snowdrop
The First Snowdrop

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Winter Walk
Winter Walk


Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Anna

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Anya

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Louisa

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Towards the Clocktower, Venice
Towards the Clocktower, Venice

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Venice Visited
Venice Visited

Jennifer IRVINE

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Chateaudouble, Provence
Chateaudouble, Provence

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Dots House, Frontenay-sur-Dive
Dots House, Frontenay-sur-Dive

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Poterie, Gigondas, Provence
Poterie, Gigondas, Provence

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Restaurant, Gigondas, Provence
Restaurant, Gigondas, Provence

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - The Garden, Giverny
The Garden, Giverny


Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Autumn Colours, Polperro
Autumn Colours, Polperro

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Harbourside Stroll, Polperro
Harbourside Stroll, Polperro

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Kingswear, Dart Estuary
Kingswear, Dart Estuary

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Sunset, St Ives
Sunset, St Ives


Alan KING, contemporary artist - A Collector Of Good Taste
A Collector Of Good Taste

Catriona MILLAR

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Albany

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Calpurnia

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Fran and Jan
Fran and Jan

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Iris

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Kitty

Catriona MILLAR, contemporary artist - Monique

Este MacLEOD

Este MacLEOD, contemporary artist - Dolcemente

Este MacLEOD, contemporary artist - Noctis

Este MacLEOD, contemporary artist - Red Cosmos
Red Cosmos

Este MacLEOD, contemporary artist - Toivoa


Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Basil, Out Now
Basil, Out Now

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - January at the Allotments
January at the Allotments

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - She'd Better Have Snacks
She'd Better Have Snacks

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Solitude

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Two Pheasants
Two Pheasants


Helen TABOR, contemporary artist - Siesta

Helen TABOR, contemporary artist - Sunday Morning Lie-in
Sunday Morning Lie-in

Helen TABOR, contemporary artist - The Wee Black Bantam
The Wee Black Bantam

Louise YOUNG

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Broken Shadows
Broken Shadows

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Feather and Shell (Red)
Feather and Shell (Red)

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Gift of the Woods
Gift of the Woods

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Shell and Feather (Blue)
Shell and Feather (Blue)

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Tideline

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