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Contemporary Art and Paintings By Modern Contemporary Artists.

At the Water's Edge Exhibition - opens 20 July 2019

Modern Art, Paintings and Limited Edition art prints from Red Rag Gallery

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Red Rag Modern Art Gallery has an International reputation for promoting the art works of leading British and Irish artists. The gallery shows an extensive collection of paintings and modern art prints from present day artists and all modern art from Red Rag is sourced from each artist studio guaranteeing authenticity and value for money.

Red Rag exhibits Modern art from a number of pre- eminent artists including: Amanda Hoskin, David Farren, Peter Heard, Vanessa Bowman, Tina Morgan, Austin Moseley, Charles Jamieson and Muriel Barclay. The gallery also supplies modern art in print form. Limited Edition Prints are available from from leading artists: David Inshaw, Michael Kidd and John Lines

Throughout the year at Red Rag Modern Art Gallery you are guaranteed to see outstanding examples of modern art, contemporary paintings and sculptures. The Gallery holds numerous Modern art events and there are always New Arrivals each week at the gallery. For further information please select Modern Art News or contact the gallery.

As the leading name for Modern Art and Modern Art Galleries Red Rag Gallery is open everyday showing established and young emerging Artists . The gallery opens from 10:00 daily

Those unable to visit the gallery can still see our modern art, contemporary paintings, sculpture and Limited Edition art prints online. And, buying Modern Art from Red Rag Art Gallery is simple. We sell and ship contemporary Modern Art worldwide. For further information :

CONTACT RED RAG on 01225 332223 or outside UK + 44 1225 332223


David BARNES, contemporary artist - Across The Bay
Across The Bay

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Cardigan Bay
Cardigan Bay

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Hebridean Coast
Hebridean Coast

David BARNES, contemporary artist - The Cardigan Coast
The Cardigan Coast

David BARNES, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Towards Cuillin from Elgol
Towards Cuillin from Elgol

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Wester Ross Seascape
Wester Ross Seascape

David BARNES, contemporary artist - Western Scottish Coast
Western Scottish Coast


Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Emerald Turquoise
Emerald Turquoise

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Emerald Wave
Emerald Wave

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Falling Water (Atlantic)
Falling Water (Atlantic)

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Hint of Turquoise
Hint of Turquoise

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Spring Tide
Spring Tide

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - St Ives Shore
St Ives Shore

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Tidal Flow
Tidal Flow

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Tide Patterns
Tide Patterns

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Tide Patterns
Tide Patterns

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Turquoise Blues
Turquoise Blues

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Turquoise Water
Turquoise Water

Jo BEMIS, contemporary artist - Wild Water
Wild Water

Hannah COLE

Hannah COLE, contemporary artist - A Gull's Cry
A Gull's Cry

Hannah COLE, contemporary artist - Dartmouth

Hannah COLE, contemporary artist - Fowey

Hannah COLE, contemporary artist - Lurcher

Hannah COLE, contemporary artist - Waiting by Ship Inn
Waiting by Ship Inn


Cyril CROUCHER, contemporary artist - Brighton Place Pier
Brighton Place Pier

Cyril CROUCHER, contemporary artist - End of Pier - Brighton
End of Pier - Brighton

Cyril CROUCHER, contemporary artist - Millhouse Marple
Millhouse Marple

Cyril CROUCHER, contemporary artist - The Roundhouse
The Roundhouse

Cyril CROUCHER, contemporary artist - Tuckenhay Bow Creek - River Dart
Tuckenhay Bow Creek - River Dart


Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Hazy Morning, Port Isaac
Hazy Morning, Port Isaac

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Kingswear from Dartmouth
Kingswear from Dartmouth

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Light Shaft, Tregardock
Light Shaft, Tregardock

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Low Sun, Calm Waters, Warfleet, Dartmouth
Low Sun, Calm Waters, Warfleet, Dartmouth

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - October Evening, Noss Mayo
October Evening, Noss Mayo

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - October Shadows, Cadgwith
October Shadows, Cadgwith

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Path along the Cliff, North Cornwall
Path along the Cliff, North Cornwall

Chris FORSEY, contemporary artist - Rocks and Distant Surf
Rocks and Distant Surf


Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - Crew

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Hot Soup
Hot Soup

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - Meet the Kids
Meet the Kids

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - Stick

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - The Koi
The Koi

Sasha HARDING, contemporary artist - The Race
The Race


Peter HEARD, contemporary artist - Cromer

Peter HEARD, contemporary artist - Happisburgh

Peter HEARD, contemporary artist - Lismore Light
Lismore Light

Peter HEARD, contemporary artist - Orfordness Light
Orfordness Light

Peter HEARD, contemporary artist - St Catherine's Head
St Catherine's Head


Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Bosham, West Sussex
Bosham, West Sussex

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Fishing Boats, Port Isaac
Fishing Boats, Port Isaac

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Low Tide, Crail
Low Tide, Crail

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Quiet Morning, Coverack
Quiet Morning, Coverack

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Salcombe, Devon
Salcombe, Devon

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - Smeatons Pier, St Ives
Smeatons Pier, St Ives

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - View Across The Harbour
View Across The Harbour

Nagib KARSAN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> View across the Harbour, Mevagissey
View across the Harbour, Mevagissey


Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Afloat

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Between the Trees
Between the Trees

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Blue Circle Swirl
Blue Circle Swirl

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Bright Buoys
Bright Buoys

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Brown Trout Brace
Brown Trout Brace

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Chink of Light
Chink of Light

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Flow

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Moonlit Sea
Moonlit Sea

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Passing Through
Passing Through

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Pole

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Powder Blue
Powder Blue

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Pulling Power
Pulling Power

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Screen

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Small Brown Trout
Small Brown Trout

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Spearhead

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Swirl

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Trio

Donald PROVAN, contemporary artist - Two Small Seatrout
Two Small Seatrout


Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Cornish Tales
Cornish Tales

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Down a Quiet Side Street
Down a Quiet Side Street

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Perfect Day Out
Perfect Day Out

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Remembering

Louise RAWLINGS, contemporary artist - Watch Yourself Margaret
Watch Yourself Margaret

Louise YOUNG

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - Tideline

Louise YOUNG, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Whisper

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