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Contemporary Art and Paintings By Modern Contemporary Artists.

Scotland comes to Bath - opens 16 February 2019

Modern Art, Paintings and Limited Edition art prints from Red Rag Gallery

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Red Rag Modern Art Gallery has an International reputation for promoting the art works of leading British and Irish artists. The gallery shows an extensive collection of paintings and modern art prints from present day artists and all modern art from Red Rag is sourced from each artist studio guaranteeing authenticity and value for money.

Red Rag exhibits Modern art from a number of pre- eminent artists including: Amanda Hoskin, David Farren, Peter Heard, Vanessa Bowman, Tina Morgan, Austin Moseley, Charles Jamieson and Muriel Barclay. The gallery also supplies modern art in print form. Limited Edition Prints are available from from leading artists: David Inshaw, Michael Kidd and John Lines

Throughout the year at Red Rag Modern Art Gallery you are guaranteed to see outstanding examples of modern art, contemporary paintings and sculptures. The Gallery holds numerous Modern art events and there are always New Arrivals each week at the gallery. For further information please select Modern Art News or contact the gallery.

As the leading name for Modern Art and Modern Art Galleries Red Rag Gallery is open everyday showing established and young emerging Artists . The gallery opens from 10:00 daily

Those unable to visit the gallery can still see our modern art, contemporary paintings, sculpture and Limited Edition art prints online. And, buying Modern Art from Red Rag Art Gallery is simple. We sell and ship contemporary Modern Art worldwide. For further information :

CONTACT RED RAG on 01225 332223 or outside UK + 44 1225 332223


Muriel BARCLAY, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Cello Note
Cello Note

Muriel BARCLAY, contemporary artist - Treble Note
Treble Note

Muriel BARCLAY, contemporary artist - Violin Backing
Violin Backing


Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Across to Portrush
Across to Portrush

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Ben Lomond from Queens View
Ben Lomond from Queens View

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Clouds over Coldbackie
Clouds over Coldbackie

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Cottage at Coigach, Achiltibuie
Cottage at Coigach, Achiltibuie

Judith BRIDGLAND, contemporary artist - Farm at Talmine, Sutherland
Farm at Talmine, Sutherland


Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Boarders

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Forest  Trail
Forest Trail

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Monkey Puzzle
Monkey Puzzle

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Painting of a Painting
Painting of a Painting

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Wilderness


Catriona CAMPBELL, contemporary artist - A Man, a Boy, Two Dogs and a Pony
A Man, a Boy, Two Dogs and a Pony

Catriona CAMPBELL, contemporary artist - Survivors of the Storm
Survivors of the Storm


Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Ae Forest Roads
Ae Forest Roads

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Ae Tracks
Ae Tracks

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Cample Woods
Cample Woods

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Chapel

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Mennock Way
Mennock Way

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Near Wanlochhead
Near Wanlochhead

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - The Loch Tracks
The Loch Tracks

Sam CARTMAN, contemporary artist - Towards the Loch 28
Towards the Loch 28


Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Camellia II
Camellia II

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Fiery Red Tulips
Fiery Red Tulips

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Hydrangea

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Pansies for Thought
Pansies for Thought

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Rosy Posy
Rosy Posy

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - Small White
Small White

Marion DRUMMOND, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> White Lilies
White Lilies


Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - All He Surveys
All He Surveys

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Bananas

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - Laid Back
Laid Back

Joe HARGAN, contemporary artist - The Drip
The Drip

Jennifer IRVINE

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Afternoon, Frontenay-sur-Dive
Afternoon, Frontenay-sur-Dive

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Callas, The Square
Callas, The Square

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Chinon
Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Chinon

Jennifer IRVINE, contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Monets Garden
Monets Garden


John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Autumn Landscape, Galloway
Autumn Landscape, Galloway

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Beach at Fairlie, Ayrshire
Beach at Fairlie, Ayrshire

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Boats at Kipford
Boats at Kipford

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Old Houses, Mons
Old Houses, Mons

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - <span style='color:red;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Quiet Corner, Vence, France
Quiet Corner, Vence, France

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Still Life with Blue and White Jug
Still Life with Blue and White Jug

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Still Life with Pears
Still Life with Pears

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Still Life with Sea Bream
Still Life with Sea Bream

John KINGSLEY PAI RSW , contemporary artist - Winter Trees, Strachur
Winter Trees, Strachur

Charles MacQUEEN

Charles MacQUEEN, contemporary artist - Celebration

Charles MacQUEEN, contemporary artist - Side Canal
Side Canal

Charles MacQUEEN, contemporary artist - Souvenir Jodphur
Souvenir Jodphur

Charles MacQUEEN, contemporary artist - Spice Store, Delhi
Spice Store, Delhi

Charles MacQUEEN, contemporary artist - Surprise Package
Surprise Package

Christine WOODSIDE

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Autumn St. Andrews
Autumn St. Andrews

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Autumn Walk
Autumn Walk

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Carpet Stall
Carpet Stall

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Flight to Newburgh
Flight to Newburgh

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Late Afternoon Newburgh
Late Afternoon Newburgh

Christine WOODSIDE, contemporary artist - Single File, Dollar
Single File, Dollar

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